Cold weather lead-acid battery is weak, this time you need to keep warm

- Oct 15, 2018-

The electric vehicle battery always has a low temperature to make the capacity low, and the battery activity is lowered in a low temperature environment, so that the battery life of the electric vehicle is greatly reduced.

According to research, the most suitable charging and discharging temperature of the battery is 25 degrees, but in the case of cold weather, the proper temperature of the battery cannot be guaranteed, so the most intuitive performance of the battery in winter is the shortening of the cruising distance, in which lead acid The battery activity is most pronounced.

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Low temperature battery preheating

When the temperature of the electric vehicle battery is too low, the heating program is automatically started to ensure that the activity is not reduced due to low temperature charging. There are two heating modes for electric vehicles, one is liquid circulation, and the other is heating by convection by hot air. At present, only some new energy vehicles have battery heating systems, but they are basically limited to charging and will always maintain a constant temperature.

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Lead-acid batteries

If a similar system can be added when the electric vehicle is charged and discharged, the activity of the electric vehicle battery in winter can be greatly ensured. Simply put, the battery compartment of the battery becomes an incubator. The inside of the incubator is heated by a resistance wire, and then four temperature sensors are added to the outer casing. When the battery is charged and discharged, once the temperature in the chamber is lower than 20 degrees, the temperature in the chamber is automatically heated to 25 degrees.

Of course, this is only an idea. If it is actually applied, it will be more troublesome to solve many problems. It is better to say that electricity consumption is used. However, if these problems are successfully solved, the activity of the electric vehicle battery can be maintained for a longer period of time. 

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