Cottage balance wheel where is not good?

- Apr 24, 2018-


One cent of goods is the law of commerce all the time, and it is also the consumer's normal consumption concept of the product.

The development of the Internet has reduced the costs of manufacturers and consumers to a certain extent, but at the same time it has also produced various drawbacks. The most obvious are inferior products and cottage products, and let the consumption of amateurs in the advertisements of each dealer's hype. It is difficult to judge the merits of a product. Instead, you can only look at the price. Many people want to buy good-quality products, but unfortunately it doesn't necessarily happen to you.

For example, in recent years, the domestic balance car market has also been on the rise. The balance of car entertaining and walking into the eyes of more and more consumers, the market is also filled with a variety of price balance car, from a few hundred to several thousand dollars There are, but apart from the price, where are the real differences?

1. The cottage car rides a bit straight;

2. The emergency braking motor is soft and the car is easy to lean forward, which can easily cause a fall accident;

3. The speed of the two sides of the local turn is inconsistent, and obviously slower on one side;

4. It is very easy to power off when going uphill. After connecting to the charger, you can turn it on again. If you lose power while riding outside, you can only go home.

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