Detailed explanation of the magic balance wheel operation principle

- Apr 24, 2018-

Many people are curious about how the balance wheel maintains balance. The information from Baidu says: The principle of its operation is mainly based on a basic principle called "dynamic stability", that is, the vehicle's own automatic balance capability. . The built-in precision solid-state gyroscope is used to determine the posture of the vehicle body. After a precise and high-speed central microprocessor calculates an appropriate command, the motor is driven to achieve a balanced effect.

Very profound, but most people said they do not understand, and today to simply talk about how the balance car is actually running.

Electric unicycle balance wheel

balance wheel

Let's talk about the electric unicycle balancing wheel. The balance of the unicycle balance wheel mainly depends on the gyroscope and the driving circuit. Using the gyro (including the acceleration sensor and the angular velocity sensor), the motor starts, and the body can be tilted forward to start the balance wheel. The speed is controlled by the degree of tilt of the body. The acceleration is forward and the deceleration is backward.

balance wheel

The gyroscope is the core component of the balance wheel. The principle is such that the direction of the rotation axis of a rotating object will not change when it is not affected by external forces. In fact, this principle is also used to ride a bicycle. The faster the wheels turn, the less likely they are to fall because the axle has a level of power. This is the principle that a unicycle balance wheel will not fall.

The unicycle also needs a controller to communicate the interaction between their gyroscopes and motor drives. When the driver tilts the body, the gyroscope receives information. At this time, the controller needs to tell the motor drive how to do it, like the corresponding Rotate in the direction.

The controller needs to constantly adjust the rotation direction and rotation speed of the motor so that we can maintain the stability of our ride.

Two wheel balance wheel

balance wheel

The two-wheel electric balance wheel is mainly composed of two major parts, one part is the main body of the two-wheel electric balance wheel; the other part is the steering lever of the two-wheel electric balance wheel.

Compared to a unicycle, a two-wheeled balance wheel has one more wheel and direction control lever, which is relatively easy to operate. The direction control lever is used to control the direction of the vehicle body during operation.

And its built-in module is also not much different from the unicycle, control module, gyro module and motor. The two-wheeled self-balanced control system is a parallel arrangement of two wheels. It is powered by a motor. Two wheels replace your feet and the joystick controls the direction.

balance wheel

By adjusting the direction of the body's center of gravity to adjust the direction, the body leans forward, backwards and backwards, standing still, which is the so-called "dynamic balance" principle.

In fact, the whole feeling is a little bit like the tumbling game we played. The faster you go forward, the faster the speed will be and the balance will be just right.

Of course, there are more than just the modules mentioned above in the interior of the balance wheel. It has a whole set of intelligent running system to work with, which will make you safer while driving. In principle, as long as the power is turned on and sufficient electric power is maintained, the balance wheel is still safe and the possibility of a fall is low.

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