Dry dry flammable explosion, electric bike brake technology you have to understand

- Aug 07, 2018-

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Despite the autumn, the hot and hot weather has made everyone feel awkward. It is true that the summer stove weather has brought a lot of inconvenience to the public. In such a sweltering weather, riding an electric car out of the street is not only a test for the rider but also for the electric car itself. Because, we are also very worried about whether electric bicycles will be "sunburned" when exposed to such a big sun.

Although electric vehicles do not become sun-dried, high-temperature weather does affect the safety of electric vehicles more or less. For example, we are most concerned about the safety of electric vehicle travel safety. When it comes to safety, we have to talk about electric vehicle brakes. The high temperature and the brakes of the electric car are very influential, so how can we travel safely in the summer when it is dry?

Understand the brakes of electric vehicles

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Alucard P01 Brake disc

As we all know, the current brake parts of electric vehicles are mainly disc brakes and hub brakes, and both types of brakes generate friction through non-stop and wheel, which makes the wheels stop, and each has its own characteristics and advantages. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the friction of the brake brake. As a part directly rubbing against the wheel, the material of the brake pad must be very particular.

For example, the brake system of a large truck that we often see is subject to long-term friction due to the brake pads. The heat will be quite severe, and at high temperatures, the brake pads are easily deformed and the brake performance is weakened – thermal decay; To avoid accidents such as stalling and losing control of the car, such large trucks are equipped with a watering device to cool the brake pads. So, how do you need to cool the brake pads of a lighter electric bicycle?

In fact, many electric vehicle brakes now use high temperature, high wear resistance ceramic composite materials, or dual disc brake technology to avoid thermal decay, to ensure the stability and safety of electric vehicle brakes. At present, there are some high-end electric vehicles on the market that use double disc brakes, ceramic disc brakes and other technologies, even in the case of rain and snow, the road is slippery, it can make the brakes safer.

Therefore, whether it is a ceramic disc brake or a front and rear double disc brake, the performance in braking sensitivity, brake smoothness, and wear resistance of the brake pad are also much better than ordinary brakes, so this is why more and more friends choose The reason for the higher end electric car.

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