Forbidden parking, please charge the electric car with an ideal environment of 25 °C

- Aug 14, 2018-

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Due to the high temperature weather, accidents in which electric vehicles are charged and ignited in many places have occurred. Therefore, many localities have issued a governance action on how to properly park the electric vehicle/charging environment. For many friends, the electric vehicle charging environment does not seem to pay much attention, but in fact, many electric vehicle fire accidents have already sounded the alarm for everyone, that is, electric vehicle charging really needs a safe and ideal environment. .

So, what is the ideal environment for charging an electric car? We often find that friends around us are placed in a closed environment indoors or in a corridor when charging an electric car, but it is such an environment that it is easy to generate charging safety hazards.

Due to the hot summer weather in the past, many electric vehicles have chosen to be charged in the corridors and aisles. Even many friends spend the night when charging electric vehicles. In fact, such operations are quite dangerous. Because, if the electric vehicle does not disconnect the power supply after being fully charged for a long time, the charger is likely to overheat, which is likely to cause a short circuit and sparks, which may cause a fire.

Especially for the time when the fire is most likely to cause fire at night and in the early morning, if the electric vehicle is charged overnight at night, if the electric vehicle overcharges an accident, not only the electric vehicle parking is likely to cause the fire passage to be blocked, but also disadvantageous to the evacuated people. So charging is best done during the day, someone cares, once you find the small light on the charger turns green, you should unplug it as soon as possible.

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Therefore, the correct way should be to arrange the battery and charger in a ventilated and temperature-controlled environment to avoid exposure, rain, etc. when the vehicle is stored. Because the electric vehicle charging environment must be ventilated, the optimal ambient temperature to avoid safety hazards is 25 °C. Of course, on weekdays, everyone should also strengthen the daily self-inspection and self-test of electric vehicles to avoid short circuit and string electric accidents caused by aging and wear of the lines.

In order to enable the general public to drive safely and prevent electric vehicles from catching fire during the charging process, we still recommend that everyone choose the electric vehicle brand model that meets the national standard when purchasing electric vehicles. The quality guaranteed model is the most important. Protection.

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