Is the intelligentization of electric bikes really necessary?

- Aug 04, 2020-

Alucard CS-P02 Electric Bike.jpg

Alucard CS-P02/P12 Electric Bike

For electric bikes, in the eyes of the public, it is more of a means of transportation for short-distance travel. This is an industry that is easy to say and can be managed very complicated. It has more than 200 million users in China. The intelligentization of electric bikes It is also the general trend. When it comes to intelligence, for foreign trade companies, it will definitely talk about Alucard. Since the establishment of the Alucard brand, the impression in the hearts of our customers is very unique, personalized design, and intelligent interconnection, Coupled with a simple appearance, when the first private model electric bike P01 was launched, it was well received by customers. So, is intelligence really necessary?


Alucard Electric Bike

Intelligentization is the basic trend that conforms to the trend of the times. 5G enters people's lives and enables the further development of interconnected things. From the whole house connected to everyone, and then to travel, we are also thinking about better and better. Convenient lifestyle changes are the same for electric bikes. Have you ever thought that you can ride an electric vehicle without a key? Have you ever experienced that you can get all the information of the vehicle without the car being around? When charging and how far you can ride, you can see at a glance through the mobile app.


Alucard Electric Bike

Presumably such a electric bikes is what we need, and it is also the general trend, so it is still very necessary for the intelligent advanced road of electric bikes!

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