Lithium battery maintenance book Maybe you don't know

- Jun 06, 2018-

Lithium battery maintenance

The spring breaks, because the spring is so beautiful, not walking is a kind of disappointment, individual balance wheel players will own snow in the winter balance wheel out to open the door.

However, you will find that... Your battery has not been used for a long time. How can it not be charged? Or is life shorter and shorter? In fact, this is because the battery's power is exhausted, resulting in too low a voltage to allow the lithium battery to fail to start, which in turn causes the battery to fail prematurely (since the voltage value is below, the battery core can no longer start the charging process).

This situation most often occurs on the battery of a digital camera. Many people will buy more batteries for the digital camera. However, sometimes these batteries are not used frequently, and the action of charging is usually ignored, so one does not pay attention. These batteries are then discharged, and when the battery power falls below a certain voltage, the battery is scrapped.

Lithium batteries will be broken if they are not charged for too long.

Excessive charging, this problem has a protective device that automatically stops charging after it is fully charged on many devices. However, another problem is that we should pay more attention to it. That is, do not put the battery completely without electricity.

I often hear people say that it is advisable that you "would like to run out of battery power, preferably after shutting down the battery," but this statement is completely wrong in the lithium battery world. When the iPhone has a power warning at 20%, it is necessary to begin to prepare for charging. If the lithium battery is over-discharged, it may cause the battery voltage to be too low, causing the battery to fall into a hibernation state and causing the battery to be scrapped early. .

If the lithium battery is not charged, it will not be used or recharged after being left for a long time. It will cause the lithium battery to fail because it is too low. The battery that is often depleted of lithium battery is more use than the regular charging method. Its life span is at least as much as less than half, and it cannot be ignored.

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