The battery is very important, Beware of purchasing low-quality battery balance wheel

- May 28, 2018-

balance wheel dismantling

I recently saw in a forum, a user describes a brand balance wheel to play a few days the battery can not be charged, has been put for half a year, until you ask the person to open the inspection problem and found that plug in the charger after repeated restart, it should be Battery over-current protection, then open the battery check.

balance wheel dismantlingbalance wheel batterybalance wheel battery

After the test, it was determined that the battery was faulty, and the battery was destroyed. It was low-grade and rough, and the fake was judged.

I didn't expect the technology of charging treasure to be applied to the balance wheel battery. I really dared to do anything for the cost. The 4400mah battery pack actually used only 2200mah battery, half of the virtual standard, originally the battery was 2 and 10 strings, and now only 10 strings.

balance wheel dismantling

This balance wheel itself uses a good material, it lost on this battery, and after the blue battery check information, it is still lithium iron phosphate battery.

Bluetooth Speaker

The last picture is a Bluetooth module and speaker that can connect the handset to play music and listen to the speakerphone.

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