Waterproof test How to keep your car safe during rainy days

- Sep 06, 2018-

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The weather in Shenzhen this summer was really abnormal. The continuous rainstorms brought a lot of trouble. Some people even encountered the slippery water washed away by the water on the way to work. Some friends who ride electric vehicle to and from work, the rainy weather has caused the electric vehicle to malfunction, So, how can you keep your electric vehicle from accidents during frequent rainstorms?

First of all, why the electric vehicle will break down in the rain. In most cases, the electric vehicle is anchored in rainy days, and in most cases, the vehicle is flooded, causing circuit failure, especially for older models with poor waterproof performance. Therefore, it is a top priority to avoid vehicles entering the water in rainy days.

There are two main ways for vehicles to enter the water. One is that the vehicle is soaking water due to excessive rain, and the other is that the rainwater flows from the place where the handlebars, the bucket, the instrument panel and the pedals have obvious gaps. For the first case, the author can only say that the electric vehicle is not a ship or a submarine. If the meteorological department has issued a rainstorm warning, then take the battery out of the car and keep it in a safe place. The vehicle is transferred to a high place and protected from rain. Take the measures, others will wait for the rain to be fine.

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In fact, the vast majority of users are faced with the second situation. The community or company does not have a hood to park, and the vehicle has to be parked in the open air. At this time, the user must be prepared for rain protection.

First of all, if your vehicle does not have too good waterproof performance (the old model is very easy to recruit), then it is recommended to choose a suitable clothing, so that you can solve key parts such as handlebars, instrument panels, battery compartments, etc. once and for all. Water problem.

In the state of parking, the car can provide a near-perfect rainproof solution for the vehicle, but it can't be covered with the car when riding, so users can choose some key parts such as handlebars, dashboards and battery compartments. Corresponding waterproof covers or waterproof accessories for protection.

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As for the problem of vehicle wading, according to the after-sales staff, the current mainstream models on the market are still very demanding for wading performance. Even if the motor is completely submerged, the vehicle can still travel a certain distance without A failure will occur, as long as the battery compartment is not submerged, the user does not have to worry too much about the motor's water intake.

For those who are waiting to get ready to start an electric vehicle, choosing a electric vehicle with a higher waterproof rating can avoid most of the problems caused by water ingress.

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