Why is it easy for an electric bike to catch fire?

- Sep 11, 2018-

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Do you often see fire accidents in the news, and it is understood that many of the news fires are likely to be caused by electric vehicles charging. So everyone can't help but ask: Why is the electric bike always easy to catch fire? In fact, if you know how to properly operate electric vehicle charging, then the concerns about safety hazards can be solved.

Therefore, let's talk to you about why it is so easy to catch fire and how to prevent fires. I believe that after reading the following points, you will be able to instantly understand the tricks to prevent fire hazards.

Although it has already passed the hot summer season, the fire prevention awareness can not be reduced. Especially for the most important means of transportation for the public to travel, because of the improper maintenance of daily maintenance, especially when charging, there will be many reasons for the short circuit of the internal parts of the electric vehicle, causing a deflagration and fire, bringing the user's life and property. Great damage.

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Some data show that about 95% of the current electric vehicle fire accidents are caused by charging. The solution to solve the fire in the charging process of the electric vehicle is the charging safety device. It is reported that many of the models sold in the current electric vehicle market do not have a charging safety device, and this just gives a "green light" to the hidden dangers of the electric vehicle in the daily use process.

In addition, since the general electric vehicle frame is alloy, the other components are mostly made of plastic and polyurethane materials. Once the battery line is short-circuited and fires, the whole bike will start to burn in less than 1 minute. After 90 seconds of ignition, the temperature will reach 200. Degree, the flame center temperature is more than 150 degrees. Therefore, the safest way is to choose a guaranteed electric vehicle.

Fortunately, after the introduction of the new national standard policy, mandatory technical implementation for electric vehicle production and ex-factory links, such as maximum speed ≤25KM/h, motor power less than or equal to 450W, must be equipped with pedal riding function and technical standards for electric vehicles. Made a mandatory refinement. Therefore, the safest way is to choose a guaranteed electric vehicle.

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