20 Years Of No More Scenery: Segway Electric Balance Car Announced The Suspension Of Production

- Jul 03, 2020-


Segway, the originator of the global electric balance car, I am afraid that he did not expect it to fall into this field.

After 20 years of ups and downs, the Segway electric balance car has been officially discontinued. Segway, whose concept hype started in 2000, has not had a smooth road to commercialization. Most of the sales of about 140,000 were sold to tourism, shopping malls, and airports, mainly used by security personnel. Kamen then sold the company in 2009 and was incorporated into Ninebot in 2015.

However, in order to deal with maintenance and after-sales matters, Segway will still retain a few temporary employees. Of course, this does not mean that the company will not provide other two-wheeled vehicles in the future. The high price is not the last straw that overwhelms the Segway PT, because the electric balance car is also strictly controlled by urban road regulations, and it is not even allowed to appear on public roads such as sidewalks.

Segway invented the world’s first intelligent self-balancing vehicle in 2001. At the time, it had a minimum of 10,000 US dollars. It was definitely a “rich man’s toy”, and it was once regarded as the highest technology in the United States. Products are banned from exporting to foreign markets, but these are all overwhelming.

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