2019 Spring Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition Sharing Travel Is The New Mainstream In The Industry

- Apr 19, 2019-



In April 2019, the Hong Kong Global Sources Spring Electronics Show, which brought together cutting-edge technology products, was held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. This year's Electronics Show was divided into two sessions, Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile Electronics Show, including April 11~ The Consumer Electronics Show held on the 14th brought together more than 3,800 booths in consumer electronics, video games, electronic components and smart lifestyle products. It also has the largest computer product and automotive electronics exhibition area in Hong Kong. As one of the world-class exhibitions, Global Sources Electronics Show attracts more than 60,000 buyers from 150 countries and regions. Suppliers and brand companies from China and other parts of Asia showcase their excellent products on this platform. The right partner.

For smart travel industry manufacturers, this is an excellent platform to showcase their products to international buyers. Therefore, Global Sources Exhibition is also one of the exhibitions of smart mobility.

HiC-star Expo.jpg

HiC-star gamepad.jpg

HiC-star scooter.jpg

As a manufacturer of gaming peripherals and smart mobility industry, HiC-star will certainly not be absent from the exhibition. The consumer electronics exhibitions held at 11~14 will be exhibited together with scooter products and game products.

rugby unicycle.jpg

After visiting the exhibition site, the author discovered several new toys, especially the rugby unicycle. Compared with ordinary unicycles, rugby is easier to operate and suitable for novices.

Electric surfboard.jpg

The scooter running on the ground is enough. There is also a skateboard that can run on the water. Electric water surfboards, friends who like surfing can pay attention.

diving supplies.jpg

Water propeller.jpg

There are also water running, of course, underwater running, this is a water sports equipment, can help in the water.

Product packaging design.jpg

Candy packaging.jpg

The exhibitor's packaging is more interesting, looks like candy, and is actually something like headphones and data cables.

Pixel style.jpg

Pixel style decoration.jpg

Booth decoration.jpg

The decoration style of this booth is very good, the pixel style is really nostalgic.

The last exhibition also said that customers come to our booth to see if the scooter can ask whether it can be shared. It is obvious that overseas sharing skateboards are hot, so most of the exhibitors' products are concentrated on electric scooters, followed by electric Bicycles, some purchasing companies have their own set of shared solutions, only need to choose scooters, and some scooter suppliers have their own shared skateboard solutions to provide one-stop service to the purchaser.


NEW:Alucard CS-518 Folding Electric Scooter

In order to seize the market opportunity and use the old products as a sharing solution last year, many manufacturers have had many problems, so it is necessary to tailor the models to get a more satisfactory answer.

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