American Superstar Rihanna Injured Her Face While Riding On A Scooter With Bruises On Her Eyes

- Sep 17, 2020-


According to media reports, the popular superstar Rihanna was injured in an electric scooter accident recently, but it was not a serious problem and has almost recovered.

On Friday, September 4, Day Day sitting in the car was photographed near a restaurant in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. At the time, she was sitting in the car, waiting for her companions to pick up the meal. The car was very dark, but there were obvious bruises on her forehead, her eyes were dark and her face was a little swollen. Many media published photos and suggested that she might have been beaten by someone again.

However, the spokesperson quickly clarified through People that Rihanna is just the latest victim of an electric scooter, and her injury is not as serious as it seems. The statement said: “Rihanna overturned and hurt her forehead and face while playing an electric scooter last week. She is fine now. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured and recovered quickly.”

Coincidentally, the famous British poisonous tongue Simon Cowell fell on an electric bicycle last month and injured his spine, almost paralyzed. In comparison, he is much lucky every day.

However, I always pay attention to my skin every day, and I often post videos on the Internet to guide fans how to skin care. Now that I have suffered such an injury on my face, I must be very annoyed. The director Peter Berg has previously revealed that Rihanna is preparing for her Amazon movie, which records her life for the past four years, and joked that the movie will be released next year.

"The four years with her is really an epic journey," Berg praised Riri the most: "She is an amazing woman, she seems to be growing every day, constantly expanding new businesses and careers, It’s so fast that it’s almost hard to keep up.” He added: “So every time we think we’re going to finish making this movie and launch it, she will do something, such as creating a fashion brand, such as Fenty, or Her underwear brand, or her skin care brand. She is moving at full speed."

So everyone should pay attention to safety when playing scooters.

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