Electric Balancing Cars Are Frequent On The Streets Of Qingdao, Traffic Police Reminded Not To Ride On The Road

- Jul 03, 2020-

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Electric balance wheels, scooters, unicycles... The summer is coming, and stepping on the balance bike in the cool breeze has become a fashion for many children. However, the reporter recently discovered that in the streets and alleys of the island city, there are more figures on the road with the balance bike. In addition to the office workers who use it to travel, there are also many greedy and cool children. Does a seemingly “toy” balance bike ride safely? Can I enter the carriageway? The reporter learned from the relevant departments that the electric balance car is not a children's toy, not even a motor vehicle, and cannot be used as a means of transportation in the motor lane. At the same time, children should wear protective gear when playing balance bikes in a safe area to avoid injury.

Electric balancing car is sought after by young people

"In recent days, when I was waiting for a bus at Nanjing Road and Yichun Road bus stations in the morning, I always saw the young guy pedaling on the balance bike, and the private car almost passed him, how dangerous." "In At the May Fourth Square, the day before yesterday a kid's pedal car hit me directly. Fortunately, the speed was not fast at the time, otherwise we both had to go to the hospital." The streets are getting more and more, whether it is an office worker riding at the peak, or a fun and entertaining child, it makes people look scared.

In May Fourth Square and Music Square, the reporter noticed that there were many players who stepped on the balance bike. There are adults and children among the players. Some of the balance bikes under their feet are "in-line", some have simple armrests in the shape of "T", and some are round unicycles. The reporter noticed that many players are "driving" faster, but rarely wear helmets, knee pads and other safety gear.

The reporter found that in addition to large squares and parks, there are many residential areas and even roadsides that have become "positions" to play balance cars. When asked if they feel dangerous, a boy about 10 years old said carelessly: "One point Not dangerous, just like a toy car."

Beginners ride too fast and fall easily

"I have been playing for three years, and now I feel that it is very simple to control it. The weather is suitable for spring and summer. I will use it to go to work." Mr. Yan, 29, told reporters in 2017 that he saw someone stepping on an electric balance car Shuttle in the street, very chic, so I bought one. "At the beginning, I almost fell. It is estimated that many people have been thrown out. I have worn two of my trousers before." Mr. Yan told reporters that playing balance bikes will slowly become addicted and eager to try new technologies. Once you have mastered all the technologies, you can "drive" as you like.

Afterwards, the reporter experienced Mr. Yan's balance car. The balance car is a "flat" with two wheels on the outermost side and a foot pedal in the middle. When maneuvering, leaning forward will accelerate forward and continuously, slowing down will slow down, and if you stay upright, it will slowly stop. The reporter found that the balance car needs to be controlled by leaning slightly when turning, which is difficult for beginners to master. "Once you are skilled, your upper body can be completely liberated and you only need to move your legs." Mr. Yan told reporters that a beginner who has never been in contact with a balance bike can start with a balance bike with handles. With assistance, slowly find balance.

During the experience, the reporter found that the balance car is easier to control if you move forward and backward on the open ground, but if you are on a road with complex terrain, you need to be alert at all times and let your body adjust at any time. If you walk or ride too fast, Easy to fall or hit people.

There are few safety warnings for balancing cars online

The reporter consulted and learned that due to the large number of brands and rich styles, online shopping is the "main position" for balancing car players to choose products. Searching for the keyword "balance car" on a large-scale online shopping platform, the reporter found that the sales businesses of the balance car are "as much as the fur". There are more than 6,000 products on sale, with prices ranging from one or two hundred yuan, one or two thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan. Among them, the store with the highest monthly sales sold "30,000+" in a single month. The reporter clicked on some of the higher-selling products, and found that the introductions mostly used "fashionable cool", "3 minutes to get started", "intelligent control", "light and sound", etc., and some even had "urban traffic congestion and flexible balancing cars." "Mobility" and other gimmicks imply that the balance car can be driven on the road.

The reporter found that the product introduction of the merchant usually includes age range, bearing weight, climbing angle, cruising range, etc., but rarely describes the "safety warning" in it. When asked about security, multiple e-commerce customer service representatives said that there was no danger. After a few uses, children can quickly master the operation, and adults can learn it more easily. Other sellers said that the balance car can be used as a daily toy for children and children, and that there will be no safety problems with reasonable operation.

Excessive speed and poor braking performance

Reporter survey found that currently, the maximum speed of electric balancing vehicles on the market is mostly 15-20km/h, which is much higher than the safety requirement of 8km/h for children's toys.

Recently, the China Consumers Association issued a warning that the electric balance car was not designed and manufactured according to toy safety standards, nor was it included in the national toy safety certification, so it is not a children's toy product. Due to the lack of corresponding specifications for its product attributes and applicable scenarios, consumers have mistaken these products as children's toys and ignored the safety risks.

According to Article 74 of the Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law, pedestrians are not allowed to use skateboards, roller skates and other sliding tools on the road. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other places have clearly banned electric balancing vehicles on the road.

In this regard, the Qingdao Municipal Public Security Traffic Police Department pointed out that, according to the road conditions in Qingdao, if the electric balance car is driven on the road at will, it is extremely dangerous. Since the balancing car has no driving qualification requirements, no steering wheel and manual brakes, it has high speed and low noise when driving, and the braking distance is generally too large. If the citizens use it on the road, it not only increases their own safety risks, but also brings other drivers and pedestrians. Security risks. It is understood that the balance bike cannot be used as a means of transportation, nor can it be arbitrarily ridden in the motorway.

Not recommended for young children

Is it not safe to "drive" on the carriageway? Recently, the China Consumers Association pointed out in the consumer warning that younger children are prone to accidents and accidents due to the lack of physical coordination and balance function, insufficient risk prevention awareness and self-protection ability during the use of electric balance vehicles. May cause irreversible damage. For safety and health considerations, parents are not recommended to purchase and use for younger children.

Director Wang Xiangli of Joint Surgery Department of Qingdao Haici Medical Group said that the electric balance car is faster. Whether it is a child or an adult, there are not many cases of hospitalization caused by accidents while riding. In addition to skin trauma, common fracture sites are generally at Wrist joints, elbow joints, shoulder joints, if it is middle-aged or elderly, may also have thoracolumbar fractures, and even femoral hip fractures.

Wang Xiangli said that citizens should wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and other protective equipment during the use of the balance car to reduce the injuries caused by falls.

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