Lime Restarts Shared Scooter Business In Multiple Cities Around The World

- Apr 27, 2020-

The global pandemic of the new coronavirus has forced a large number of cities to announce policies for social alienation and home isolation. In order to facilitate people to travel safely during a special period, Lime decided to restart the shared scooter rental business in many cities around the world, and changed its name to Lime Aid. At the same time, the company also provided free access to public health practitioners and law enforcement personnel who registered for access within 30 minutes.

lime scooter.jpg

Lime said in a statement that micro-transportation will play a vital role in people ’s seamless journey through the city. As a single-use transport, it will help fill public transportation during special periods blank.

The company initially opened Lime Aid services in cities such as Austin, Texas, and plans to further expand in the next few weeks while establishing more formal localized cooperation with public health officials, community organizations, and other stakeholders.

At the same time, Lime Aid gave various safety tips on the client, such as checking that the brakes, pedals, electric switches, lights, and frame are in good working condition.

In terms of hygiene measures, Lime Aid also recommends that users maintain a social distance (at least six feet apart), wear gloves, or use alcohol disinfectants above 60 ° to wash their hands after arriving at their destination.

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