Re-release New Standards, A Large Number Of National Standard Electric Bikes Will Be Unqualified

- Mar 30, 2019-

Similar examples of illegal acts on electric bikes are common. To ensure safe travel of electric bikes, improve traffic management, and rationally distribute road rights, on March 27, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the Certification and Supervision Department of the General Administration of Market Supervision for further work. Notice of Compulsory Product Certification for Electric bikes, this time it will be enforced from the market level!


The State Administration of Markets issued the "latest explanation"

According to the previous notice of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, the three new requirements for electric bikes are as follows:

1. The total volume of all free space inside the car body should not exceed 1.5 liters. Such as: chartered cars, cars with buckets, most of the free space is greater than 1.5 liters, is unqualified;

2. The total length of the saddle does not exceed 400mm. Such as: there are two seats in front and rear, the total length of the saddle is more than 400mm, which is unqualified;

3. The cranks on both sides of the pedal should not be removed. If the crank of the foot can be removed by hand or with a tool, it is unqualified.

According to the requirements of this standard, there will be a large number of national standard bikes that fail to pass the inspection!

Such as chartered cars, with bucket bikes, two seats in front and rear, the saddle is too long, the electric bike that can be dismantled with the crank handles will be eliminated!

Some of the issued national standard vehicles will be re-examined even if they have passed the 3C certification. For eligible electric bikes, they must also enter the registration management system according to the regulations, register the cards in time, and upload the national comprehensive application platform for public security traffic management. These measures cannot be said to be strict!

In addition, the notice will also strengthen the sales supervision of electric bikes. It is strictly forbidden to sell electric bikes that do not meet the new standards and have not obtained CCC certification. Strengthen the supervision of the sales of chargers and lithium-ion batteries for electric bike dealers, and strictly investigate and deal with the illegal dismantling, modification and maintenance of chargers and lithium-ion batteries.

The announcement of this notice indicates that the reshuffle of the electric bike market will be more thorough, the survival pressure of non-compliant small enterprises will increase sharply, or the risk of elimination will be faced. Large-scale established enterprises can continue to build production lines, but the normal R&D and production of enterprises It also has a great impact. This rectification will also promote the development of the electric bike industry, marking a new starting point for electric bikes in China.

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